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You want to feed them into a pool of entropy, which the random (but possibly biased) numbers can churn.

As a matter of fact, most hardware random number generators are designed to feed /dev/random, through the kernel (or the Windows equivalent), to deal with this bias/entropy issue.

On the other hand, any decent random number generator will be uniform enough to do Monte Carlo simulations, fast.

random numbers in computing does not exist and never will.

I am looking for affordable solutions that generate true random numbers.

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While the broken collision resistance of MD5 is not a problem here, other then when your adversary can plug in its own device and feed arbitrary bits instead of the images, it is just bad for your reputation to use MD5 for anything security-relevant. commented, there is still missing quite some analysis (how much entropy do we actually get from the differences?

On the other hand, a sequence of Heads and Tails generated with an unfair coin will contain less information than the same sequence generated with a fair coin!

The upshot is that for provable, paranoid-level security, you don't want to use a hardware random number generator's numbers directly.

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  1. Ingredients. You will need. 1 machine running Linux. The cheapest Linux-compatible webcam money can buy. 1 ionization smoke detector containing americium-241. Any screwdriver except the sexist pink one that you're not allowed to use. A glue gun. Tin / aluminium foil. Insulation / gaffer / BDSM tape.

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