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Families sent thousands of images of child pornography, carried by the Pony Express, to their heroic fighting men to remind them of their loved ones back home.Child porn was also used during the war as a diversionary tactic to thwart the rebellion of the Southern United States.In countries that don't speak English, Child Pornography was defined as "duo de adulteries moisten camerina nomo 40 bad bad spanky pokey pokey." Translated, this means "two adults posing for the camera who look like they might be under age 40." But in the United States and Great Britain, this included any depiction whatsoever of a pop star.Under the Discretionary Income Doctrine of All Nations with Rich Lawyers, a child pornographer was defined as anyone who took, possessed, or looked at photos of any person under "the completely arbitrary age of adulthood," if the accused didn't have enough money to defend himself. Women were immune from prosecution, unless they were teachers or had large breasts.Volunteers, primarily wives, mothers, sisters, and girlfriends, tied thousands of copies of 12-year-old exotic dancer Minnie Rae's illustrated autobiography, My Life as a Child Prostitute or Preteen Slut, to the legs of passenger pigeons.

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These have been classified by author and Christian commentator James Dobson as "life-threatening evils," which means "something that I can rant against and thus increase my readership." This early definition of child pornography was revised by attorney-legislators working for U. According to a report by social historians Reverend Loveshade and Charles Manson, this system "will insure that the principle wasn't subject to misinterpretation by Lawyers." For further clarification, for purposes of this statute, U. Federal Code defined a child as "anyone younger than two years older than may legally consent to sexual intercourse in most states." The 20th Century produced a great number of beloved Child Porn Stars, including Minnie Rae, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Jerry Mathers (as "The Beaver"), The Brady Bunch, Angela Cartwright/Lacey Chabert (as the cheap space harlot "Penny Robinson"), Brooke Shields, Jon Benet Ramsey, Dominique Moceanu, Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins, Natalie Portman and the entire nation of Japan. By the beginning of the 21st Century, the definition of child porn had grown increasingly confusing.

(Note to law enforcement: All of the above are over the legal age of consent to make Child Pornography. This chaos was created because some nations simply refused to interpret everything as America told them to.

The first is "guilty," which will result in 1 to 10,000 years in prison and, in some states and Canada, life time registration as a sex offender and possible castration, but will mean avoiding trial.

The second choice is pleading "not guilty," which means going to trial, but otherwise has exactly the same results.


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