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Consolidating debt thru the federal gov

The price will rise each year after 50 that you happen to be and there are already reports that if you’re 59 these premiums are understated by half.How many couples who are 59 and cannot qualify for Medicare yet have not ,700 a year of extra money laying around The whole idea is predicated on the notion that you can indefinitely take from Peter to pay Paul.food, shelter, etc.) Remember, there are always exceptions but these premiums are averages and over large pools of people the statistical averages are what matters — not the ends of the barbell. The “average” 50 year old premium, again, for single coverage, is 2.87, or ,434.44/year.How many 50 year olds will find that attractive compared against what they’re paying now?Once the forced mandates take hold one of two outcomes become inevitable, as noted by The Market Ticker, whose Karl Denninger took a detailed look at the government’s county-by-county premium data.

The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium.

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This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country.

The basic principles of mathematics will prove this to be true in coming months and years.

As Denninger notes, America will be “strangled and expire economically as a direct consequence” of the marriage of the State and Health Care industry. Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 35,622 people Date: October 24th, 2013 Website:


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