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DCA analyses of plant macrofossil remains around the FBT show a similar trend, although the sensitivity of the two proxies to the inferred environmental changes differs.

While sexual perversions are often considered to be uncommon, the success of books like Fifty Shades of Grey, which depicts sado-masochism (scene pictured), suggests otherwise.

Mark Bradford is best known for his large abstract paintings.

He uses fragments of posters, billboards, newsprint, and other found objects to create commentaries on class, race, and gender through his lens as a black American artist.

Diatoms from the same horizons record a shallowing in water depth, a decline in salinity and the development of emergent macrophytic vegetation, which may have provided favourable conditions for testate amoeba colonization.

The testate amoeba communities of the inferred fen phase are more diverse and include centropyxids, cyclopyxids, Arcellidae and Hyalospheniidae, although the assemblages show some differences to those recently reported in modern European fen environments.

Here, she shares five powerful memoirs that she says shaped her own work as a nonfiction writer and teacher.

She answers your questions about falling for stubborn heroes, achieving seemingly impossible dreams, and creating steamy book covers.Surprisingly 26 per cent of those questioned said they had an interest in or had taken part in frotteurism – where sexual pleasure is derived from rubbing the groin against another person without permission.In many parts of the world, frotteurism has become a major problem on packed commuter trains (stock picture) Inside the most eye-wateringly luxurious hotel rooms on EARTH: Stunning suites with bullet-proof windows, heated toilet seats and free clothes could be yours for the night...Sediments, plant macrofossils and diatoms examined from a 5.99 m core collected from the dome of the bog record six stages of development: i) a quiet, brackish-water riverine phase (prior to ca. 8500–8200 cal BP); iii) fen (8200–7600 cal BP); iv) transitional mire (7600–6900 cal BP); v) pioneer raised mire (6900–4450 cal BP); and vi) ombrotrophic bog (4450 cal BP-present).Testate amoebae, notably small ( type, first appear in low abundances in sediments ascribed to the lacustrine phase.Chloe Benjamin's sweeping second novel begins in 1969 as a psychic tells four young siblings the date of their deaths—prophecies that will inform their next fifty years.Benjamin talked to Goodreads about fate, free will, and magic.Author Dhonielle Clayton tackles this question and more as we ask her to unpack the meaning and value of beauty within the sweeping and opulent world of her young adult fantasy novel, The Belles. The latest Mystic Creek book from Catherine Anderson is here to steal your heart—with a sweet romance and an even sweeter dog."As far back as I can remember, I've always had a canine best friend," she says."Rip, the dog at the center of my new book, is based on a real dog.He is unforgettable." Why do we always want what we can't have?


  1. Benjamin talked to Goodreads about fate, free will. Dating-ish author Penny Reid shares her favorite books on relationship research. 21 likes · 7 comments.

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