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Vinson was eventually convicted on felony charges of sexual assault against a minor, but the federal gun charged added to his case went, twice, to the 4th Circuit.A three-judge panel there decided that North Carolina's definition of assault was too broad to fit the federal definition on which the firearms ban is based.It was Alrdidge, considered a premier expert on gun laws in the state, who laid out the impact of U. An assault on a female conviction can throw moral character into question, regardless of whether the federal courts consider it a domestic violence misdemeanor by letter of the law.But the moral character clause goes back only five years on pistol permits, Aldridge said, and it's not considered at all for rifle purchases.These programs are meant to give victims of IPV a number of resources to rely on for help. "Whether one is facing a physically violent partner, an emotionally abusive partner, a stalker, or a has a friend in need of assistance, there are programs in every county across the state that can help." The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence website has organized a comprehensive list of resources categorized according to county."Thankfully, in our state we have resources for people to turn to," said Catherine Guerrero, Associate Director for the N. Below are resources for the three most populated areas in North Carolina (Charlotte, the Triad and the Triangle).This charge is the most common one filed in domestic violence cases, though, Lueken Barwick said. State law also bars people convicted of misdemeanor assault on a female from getting a concealed carry permit, a ban separate from the federal law and unchanged by the Vinson case.

Main Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Office : 336-779-6320 Website: Safe on Seven The Family Violence Prevention Center, d/b/a Inter Act 1012 Oberlin Rd. Council for Women has an interactive map of these programs across North Carolina."Anyone seeking help can contact one of these organizations for help or a referral.People can call even if they don't know exactly what they need.The reason: A local case that went before the 4th U. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2015, brought by a man now sitting in prison for sex crimes.His attorneys convinced the court there was enough difference between North Carolina's definition of assault and the one in federal law to throw out a federal gun charge It's unclear how many people have stepped through the loophole the ruling created, but spokespeople at a number of sheriff's offices said the loophole is a problem.To address these sobering statistics, the state has developed assistance programs ranging from counseling to 24-hour hotlines.There is also an address confidentiality program, which protects victims by making their home addresses less available to their abusers."It's a big problem." North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein's office wouldn't say whether it considers the loophole a problem, only that it's aware of the issue and is "conducting a legal review." State legislators seem largely to be unaware, which quickly becomes complicated by a tapestry of state and federal gun laws."When I tell legislators," said Paul Gessner, a former Superior Court judge turned legal adviser for the Wake County Sheriff's Office, "they don't always understand or believe me." The issue is obscure enough that at least one local sheriff's office said it was mistakenly denying permits until a training session this summer.A precedent was also set that year in state court when the North Carolina Court of Appeals examined similar circumstances in a case called Underwood v. Among other things, the precedent would affect federal background checks in North Carolina, as well as the way sheriffs handle pistol permit requests.Just how much it affected things is unclear, partly because domestic cases are not always so simple as a single charge of assault of a female.


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  3. Her parents are petitioning the South Carolina State Assembly and Congress to create laws that guarantee the following things 1. Orders of protection are granted to.

  4. North Carolina may be the only state in the nation where a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction doesn't trigger a lifetime federal ban on owning a gun.

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