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I thought I’d make a small list of the places and times I’ve written, just for my own amusement.

Here’s the List of how I write: Writing via different mediums (I write in notebooks, by hand, in pen and pencil.

The shortest is about 10 minutes at a concert once.) Writing in different postures (I’ve written while standing up, while sitting at my desk, while lying down.

I wrote a thought down once while riding a bicycle, but I’ve never managed to write while running.) Writing at different furniture (I often write at my jerry-rigged standing desk in my home office.

Typically the cheapest available.) I met a writer who actually would not write unless they had their special leather-covered notebook and a fountain pen.

I was wholly under-whelmed: I mean, how do you get any writing done, if you need special equipment? No one will die if you write with a pencil, my friend.

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Posted by nedhayes on Jun 4, 2015 in amwriting, books, writing | 0 comments I read something today that really surprised me.

When you also realize how dumbed down the average American is, you can see the problem.

My most recent complete novel was hand-written before being typed in.

I also write on various software products on Windows laptops, Mac laptops, and via audio-dictation on my phone and tablets.

The brilliant Kris Rusch wrote that some writers cannot write on planes.

This surprised me, because I’ve never been one of those writers who just writes in a certain location or a certain environment.


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