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Using the MIDI files you can change the tempo and key to suit your instrumentalists and singers and even cut verses of longer songs. (Turning to Trixie, who is now crying) I said, I wanted your name, you ... MAISIE: (Standing and shaking with fear) Mollie, Mollie.

All we ask is that you do not pass your arrangements on to any third party and that you only use them for your production.

ENTER MATRON, CLAPPING HER HANDS IN AN ATTEMPT TO RESTORE ORDER. MATRON: Now, now, girls, there is far too much frivolity in this dormitory. MATRON: Frivolity, my dear Trixie, is what is being exhibited by your dorm-mates as I speak, and it is most unseemly for young ladies of your class.

You are supposed to be tidying your areas are you not?

Or maybe you are putting on a church play, a play with a drama club or a play with college students or adults? CLARISSA: Now look here, if Kate says note your name, I shall note your name.

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Read play scripts on-line and download play scripts from here. You can read a sample of the script here or request a reading copy of the whole play and musical score here.In our catalogue you will find a range of play scripts, musical play scripts and pantomime scripts to suit all tastes and abilities, from play scripts for junior schools to professional theatre scripts. DAISY: They won't get involved in boarding discipline. A riotous musical play set in a girls school in the 1950s.All our scripts come with a licence for one performance. MOLLIE PARTS HER HAIR TO SHOW TRIXIE A MISSING CLUMP. Kate is our dorm prefect and we have to do what she says. Full of fun and adventure, including hidden treasure, a ghost and a secret passage.The priest holes in the chimney and the trapdoors in the captain’s chest, And hidden doors and secret drawers and tunnels leading under floors. Look at Napoleon; he was five feet nothing in his socks. MOLLIE: And did you know that Joan of Arc was only four feet eleven. Now doorways in the panelling and bricked up chambers were the thing, Tapestries with secret flaps concealing ancient treasure maps. ELLA: No wonder she always had her photograph taken sitting on her horse. Click the button below to find out more and request a licence. Licences for all other countries may be purchased here: Peter Pan licence for all countries except UK and USPeter Pan Licensing, UK and US2016Cinderella: Bunwell Primary, Norwich, February 11th Peter Pan: Tenby International School, Malaysia, 16/17th March Peter Pan: Fairholme School, St Asaph UK, 17th March When Toad: Came Home Victoria Hall, Settle March 18/19/20 2016Peter Pan: Eaton House School, London, March Peter Pan: The Hall School, Glenfield, 22nd March Peter Pan: The Mandeville School, Aylesbury, April 28/29/30th Peter Pan: Melbourne, Australia, April 28th Peter Pan: Castro Valley, United States, May 6th-7th 2016Robin Hood: Bootle, Meols Cop High School, May 2016Peter Pan: Trumpington Pavilion, Cambridge, 21st May King Arthur: Langley, Canada, May 26th Peter Pan: Stratton Upper School, Biggleswade, 5th June Peter Pan: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Chalfont St Peter, 13th-14th JUne Cinderella: Derby, June 21st-22nd King Arthur: Durlston Court School, Barton, June 28th-29th Peter Pan: Oxford House School, Colchester, 25th June Beauty and the Beast: The Kings School, Worcester, 30th June-1st July Peter Pan: Station Theatre, Hayling Island, 23rd-25th June Peter Pan: Far Forest, Worcs. Our musicals all come with piano scores and orchestrated MP3 backing tracks for performance. TRIXIE: I can't believe you put up with this stuff. TRIXIE: But this is not discipline - it's bullying. It's always happened here and probably always will. I don't have a father or mother so I have to stand up for myself. TRIXIE: It's alright, Daisy, I'm well cared for by family friends. Take a school full of unruly girls and add a group of boys who have been flooded out of their own school.Backing tracks in MP3 format can be purchased for all our musical plays so you can make your own backing CD. MATRON: (Off) Are you girls ready for inspection yet? The result is a recipe for disaster, with a lot of fun on the way.BESIDE EACH ONE IS A SMALL CUPBOARD, EACH WITH PHOTOS OF SIBLINGS AND PARENTS ON THE TOP. AT ONE END IS A FIREPLACE, STANDING NEXT TO WHICH IS A VERY OLD-LOOKING GRECIAN-STYLE VASE. SONG 1 ST TABITHA’S Chorus: Saint Tabitha’s, Saint Tabitha’s your buildings stand so bold, Saint Tabitha’s, Saint Tabitha’s your story must be told. It's to do with states of matter; solid liquid, gas, that sort of thing. MOLLIE: Miss Broome let it slip that we would be making meringues this week. Saint Tabitha’s, Saint Tabitha’s you weave a powerful spell, For stranger far than fiction is the truth these walls could tell.


  1. Week Transformation Workshop. This is the pinnacle workshop that Melbourne Dating Club offers. We condense 10 years' worth of dating knowledge and experience into a 5 week, one-on-one, in-field, immersive experience. Accompanied by a meticulously written manual, we take you through a step by step program.

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  3. Our single session, day or night workshops are designed to give you a solid introduction to our coaching. Every session takes place live, infield, one on one with our instructors. We set specific goals based on what you want to achieve and set the foundations for reaching them. It's like having the world's best wingman at your.

  4. The course will present the major new changes to ISO/IEC 17025 as follows ISO standard update process The new standard structure The major changes in the standard

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