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While she was not actually correct, she kept her job when the investigation concluded that stress and adrenaline affected her memory of the incident, tricking her mind into believing her version of the story.At one point she is temporarily assigned a different partner so that Jamie can ride with Officer Walsh who she believed hung her previous partner out to dry.Partnered once again, they faced a new threat when Jamie was attacked by a murder victim’s jealous ex-boyfriend and when they come face to face with him in the precinct Eddie loses her cool.

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Things quickly get intense with Eddie trying to help a confused older woman remember details about a potential bomber before he can strike.

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Just a week after her graduation from the Academy in 2013 she was partnered with Jamie Reagan out of the 12th Precinct.

Feisty, independent, and hard to offend she is passionate about what she believes in and far more hot-tempered than Jamie. Them’ way but is open to hearing Jamie’s more neutral assessment, even if she disagrees with it.


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