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A preloaded injector facilitates implantation through a small incision.

The IOL is designed to provide a single, clear focus over a wide range of viewing distances through active accommodation.

The purpose of this design is to achieve a selective increase in negative spherical aberration during near viewing associated with pupil constriction, while maintaining good optical quality during mesopic conditions with larger pupil diameter.

The objective of the current multicenter clinical study is to evaluate outcomes following primary implantation of this new aspheric dual-optic accommodating IOL for the visual correction of patients undergoing cataract extraction.

During natural accommodation, the optical power of the crystalline lens increases along with an increase in negative spherical aberration.8,9 The central region of the natural lens exhibits greater change in optical power compared to more peripheral regions.8,9 The new generation dual-optic IOL is designed to mimic the spatially variant characteristics of natural accommodation and to further improve the near benefit provided by the dual-optic IOL.

Prior approval by each institutional ethical committee was obtained, and all patients provided informed consent after an explanation of the nature of the study, including potential risks and benefits.

When implanted within the capsular bag, the capsular tension exerts a compressive force and decreases the interoptic separation of the IOL to a minimum.

This compressed state is the emmetropic state of the IOL.

In addition, the dynamic nature of accommodating IOLs may also impact refractive outcomes, depending on the baseline state of the IOL in the eye.

The dual-optic Synchrony accommodating IOL (Abbott Medical Optics Inc., Santa Ana, CA, USA) was specifically designed to fill the entire capsular bag and benefit from the accommodative capacity of the lens capsule during near vision.3,4 The three-dimensional, single-piece, foldable silicone lens has a high plus-powered moving optic attached to a variable minus-powered optic through spring haptics.


  1. The Synchrony dual-optic accommodative intraocular lens provides enhanced near vision and compares favorably to diffractive multifocal IOLs

  2. FULL TEXT Abstract AIM To design an accommodating intraocular lens with extended accommodative range that can be adapted to current standard phacoemulsification.

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  4. By Cheryl Guttman in London THE Synchrony dual optic accommodating IOL Visiogen offers excellent visual function at all distances with superior

  5. Synchrony® pseudo-accomodating intraocular lens luxated. dual-optic, pseudo-accommodating. The luxated Synchrony® IOL described in this case has a dual optic.

  6. Enhanced aspheric optics provide better near vision without sacrificing visual quality.

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