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Sometimes I feel like I'm not only the engine but the caboose. I have a club online called the Semi-Homemade Club, and the men and women in it — I can come up with 101 ideas, but they can come up with 1,001.

You just have to be smart and realize where the values are.

But she plucks the tape recorder from my hand and holds it to her mouth so I'll catch every word. In Sandra's memoir, Made From Scratch, she writes lovingly about her grandmother Lorraine, who taught her to embrace each day and the possibilities that tomorrow could bring.

It's not a diva-like, take-control gesture; it's a let's-get-it-done, here's-how gesture. "She was very can-do, someone who would just steamroll ahead and make things happen," remembers Sandra.

Sandra Lee, the savvy host of Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee, plops down in a cozy chair by a giant marble fireplace.

She's barefaced, her hair's pulled back, and she's wearing a purple shirt that makes her blue eyes even bluer.


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