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Updating 08 chevy 1500 cpu

The trouble with returns is if the PCM has been on the car, you have no way of knowing if it is still "good" or not.Somebody may have crossed up some wires, zapped the PCM with too much voltage or who knows what?Over 50 percent of PCMs that are returned under warranty have nothing wrong with them!

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PCMs are not rebuilt in the same way that alternators and water pumps because there are no mechanical parts that wear out.If a particular PCM is not in stock or is unavailable, you can often send the old PCM to a remanufacturer for repair.Turn around time is typically a few days and the cost is the same as selling him an exchange unit from stock (except theres no core charge). As we said earlier, most remanufacturers will not even touch a PCM if it came out of a flooded vehicle.Most remanufacturers wont even attempt to repair a PCM if the vehicle it came out of was submerged in a flood. Thermal stress and vibration can form microcracks in circuit boards (which are repairable).This often has more to due with the ruggedness of the circuit design than operation factors in the vehicle itself.Throwing parts at a problem in an attempt to solve it may be good for the parts business, but attempting to return a replacement PCM because it didnt fix the problem isnt good for anyone.Warranty returns on complicated and expensive components like powertrain control modules can be tricky and are a no-win situation for everyone.As for environmental factors, water is the main thing to avoid.If water gets inside a PCM, it can short circuits and set up irreversible corrosion that ruins electronic connections.The computer needs to be tested and verified before it can go back on the shelf and be sold to somebody else.Unfortunately, theres no easy way of doing that in a parts store.


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