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Good headline for dating site profile

Some of us have been single a very long time and had our fun. I like to use pickup lines for mine, mainly because I find a lot of them really clever. "Anything slightly original, most of the time I don't even notice what someone writes, but if I see it over and over and it seems a bit cliché, then I tend to skip past.

Right now mine is "I lost my number, can I have yours", and it's been "Do you have any raisins? I'm doing a quick search of some profiles here near me and here is what I see a lot of...

if she's a little less crushed by the burden of considering offers, she might have the leisure to forgo flights of speculation and actually have a conversation to see what's certainly did for me.

Next will be the content of their profile and what it says, how it is constructed, and what they are looking for. The consensus seems to be that men are very visual.

A song title or lyric that describes your situation can be good, for example "Tired of being alone" if you like the Al Green song. For example, in mid February a "Valentine's Day, bah humbug! When I say fun it doesn't mean sex, and when I read fun I don't think sex.

But I will avoid using that word if people think that's the it bad if it is?

I saw some headlines of women's profiles that they wrote some phrases said by Marilyn Monroe,think that is smart and fun as well,good luck!! Ask A Guy can be answered by anyone - the gender restriction is on the OP only. Rather then getting all up in the air about these matters, try reading the forum rules and then you won't look so foolish complaining about things which are detailed very clearly.

Edit for below = There is nothing sarcastic about my reply. But you go ahead and judge people based on your own low standards of behavior and come back and let me know how that's working for you.


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