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Dating north slope crude oil

Full production is not expected to resume for at least two weeks, BP spokesman Daren Beaudo said earlier this week.The North Slope is the region between the Brooks Range and the Arctic Ocean and contains most of Alaska's petroleum reserves.

Morale is high, despite the cold temperatures and harsh conditions." BP's plant is about 650 miles north of Anchorage.This comes at a time when BP and two of its drilling contractors are under investigation on charges of failing to report other oil spills in late 2004 and January 2005.“You obviously are unaware of the cheating by some producers and drilling companies,” Hamel said in the letter to Domenici, an arch proponent of drilling in ANWR.“Your official Senate tour [of Alaska, in March] was masked by the orchestrated ‘dog and pony show’ provided you at the new Alpine Field, away from the real world of the Slope’s dangerously unregulated operations.” Also in the letter, Hamel claimed that whistleblowers had told of another cover-up, dating back to 2003.Pioneer Natural Resources and its drilling contractor, Nabors Alaska Drilling, had allegedly disposed of more than 2,000 gallons of toxic drilling mud and fluids through the ice “to save the cost of proper disposal on shore.” Domenici’s office said the senator is reviewing Hamel’s letter.The effort has been slowed in recent days by extreme cold; the wind chill factor dipped to more than 70 degrees below zero.But Giguere said the oil spill was relatively well contained, covering less than two acres. The volume is large, but the footprint is small," Giguere said.“Until these oil companies clean up their act,” said Hamel, “they can’t drill in ANWR because they are spilling oil in the North Slope.” If oil companies continue to fail to address safety problems at the North Slope, “they’ll have another Exxon Valdez” type of oil spill on their hands, Hamel said.On April 15, Hamel sent a letter to Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM), chairman of the Senate energy and natural resources committee, saying there have been three spills between late March and early April.Thousands of caribou and other types of wildlife will be displaced if DC lawmakers pass a measure to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).But there’s an even bigger issue: the very real possibility of an environmental tragedy as catastrophic as the 1989 oil spill caused by the Exxon Valdez oil tanker.


  1. Jun 8, 2011. The state was a relatively minor source of domestic production of crude oil until the discovery of oil in the North Slope in the 1970s. A handful of states are responsible for much of the domestic oil production in the United States, and these states have a long association with the oil industry, dating back.

  2. Alaska North Slope Crude Oil. -Aiberta Crude Oil. -Alberta Sweet Mixed Blend Crude Oil. -Amauligak Crude Oil. -Arabian Crude Oil. -Arabian Heavy Crude Oil. -Argyl Crude Oil 7. -Athabasca Bitumen. -Atkinson Crude Oil. -Auk Crude Oil'. -Automotive Crankcase Oil see Lubricating Oil. -Automotive Diesel see Diesel Fuel.

  3. Feb 3, 2012. The term “age dating” is defined as estimating the time frame of a contaminant release to the environment. such as n-alkanes, aromatics or iso-alkanes Kaplan et al. 1996; Senn & Johnson, 1987. The. LaFargue & Barker 1988 found that n-alkanes lighter than C14 in crude oils were susceptible to.

  4. Figure 3.8 n-Alkane Distribution In Kerosene by Targeting m/z 85 GC/MS Ions. 57. Figure 3.9 Farnesane. Liquid petroleum crude oil and the products refined from It plays a pervasive role In modern society. Larsen In 1993 goes to address the subject of age dating of diesel In soil using the values of n-heptadecane.

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