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You will be required to have a phone teasing session with each of the Mistresses on your list, before you are permitted to have an orgasm.At the end of your training program, when you have had a training session with each of the Mistresses, you will have one final session, where you MAY be permitted to have an orgasm.So you must be on your best behavior throughout your training, or you might not get to cum at all!Orgasm Denial training sessions are highly customizable; you can speak with your Headmistress at the start of any training program, to negotiate your training frequency, and whether you get to have an orgasm during the final orgasm denial session. You might be required to start the circuit all over again with no orgasm at all - so you'd better behave.But once the orgasm denial session starts, that's it. After the start of an orgasm denial session, there is no room for compromise. You want to be teased to the brink of orgasm, and kept there, the pleasure almost too intense to tolerate. You can also improve your sex life by using tease and denial to learn orgasm control.You've come here for orgasm denial, or perhaps you like a long cockteasing session that ends with an orgasm.

The Mistresses may vote on whether you get to have an orgasm.We're especially looking forward to trainees who would like to experience the Advanced Group Orgasm Denial Training program.In this program, you will submit yourself to teasing and training by ALL of the Mistresses at Cock Control.Others cannot imagine such a scenario, and find it hard to masturbate during a tease and denial phone sex call for more than 10 or 20 minutes without having an orgasm.We can play any way that you can, and as long as you are open about your expectations and desires up front, we're willing to compromise and consider your wishes. Soon you will be a devotee of orgasm denial, and you will not be able to have an orgasm without the instructions of your Masturbatrix.Receive stimulation simultaneously to all of your sensitive areas.He knew her name was Molly, he knew some of her past wasn’t very pretty. It had continued as she lost her home and was on the street, no one cares about you on the street, that he knows for sure.Fleshlight: The Fleshlight is a popular masturbation toy amoung our strokers.Designed for maximum stimulation, it's a great endurance training toy for those into tease and denial, and edging.Her life so far, at such an early age, had been less than pleasant. She began to feel like maybe they were right, she was nothing, just something to be used. After talking to her online for some time, he knew he wanted to protect her and show her she was not worthless, but a gift to cherish.He had explained to her that he feels a submissive or a slave is a wondrous gift, what she gives is the truest and purest form of love and devotion.


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  3. He knew her name was Molly, he knew some of her past wasn’t very pretty. Her life so far, at such an early age, had been less than pleasant.

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