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To these general exports he usually added: – an annual cargo of salmon and sometimes two or three of cod and scale fish, to the West Indies and Mediterranean. Gentleman continued to, by his example and influence, advance and improve the country, until his spirited and beneficial enterprise, was interrupted by war between Great Britain and her revolted colonies.Shortly after the commencement of this rupture, some of the revolutionary Privateers entered the Bay and wreaked their vengeance on Alston Point and all other settlements.I have seen old shipping and handling receipts with orders either coming or going to the Antilles from John Young which gives me a clue that he probably managed the shipping and handling part of the business for Walker.

The missionaries made certain they were branded as savages.

He died September twentieth seventeen seventy seven. id=3 “With the outbreak of the American Revolution Walker knew it was only a matter of time before his Nipisiguit settlement would come under attack.

By 1777 American privateers were raiding all territory that remained British.

First English settler in Gloucester.” Commodore Walker had a few established commerce in the bay during the days he resided in the area.

He was a naval war veteran with many epic victories of battles under his belt.


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