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Similarly for language file customisations please ensure you use the Language Overrides feature vs editing the language files directly.Bad Formatting If when you first login you see a display where formatting is mixed or unclear, this can indicate your browser cache has not updated.If it has not incremented, then one or more of the files has not uploaded successfully.You should double check file permissions and attempt the steps again from the beginning.A full release version is denoted by the presence of _full within the zip folder filename and "Distro Type: Full Version" within the included file.

We provide these to make updating both quicker and easier for those of our customers who stay current and up-to-date with the latest WHMCS releases.

Manuals include literature not categorized as a product catalog or brochure.

A manual typically gives step-by-step instructions about many of Rexroth products and is very helpful when working with our products.

Database Privileges Updating requires that the database user have access to the following privileges: Additionally, you will want to ensure that the database user have access to all privileges listed on the Further Security Steps page.

Customisations If you have customised templates, please ensure you always follow the recommended method for creating a custom template folder to ensure your changes aren't overwritten during updates.


  1. Automatic Updating; 2 Performing a Manual update; 3 Update Steps. 3.1 For a Full Release. attempting any update. A Full Release distribution contains all the files of a WHMCS product installation. We're here to help. We offer a professional update service where our staff will update your WHMCS installation for you.

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