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The only time that it ever came down was when Mom was drinking or if she was completely relaxed.

Mom had a long, thin face and you could easily tell that she had a Nordic bl**dline.

He looked over Mom's tiny ass and the little, blue panties on it.

He guessed her to be only a size four and that could be pushing it.

"So, you have me by my balls and you're enjoying this very much." Jim smiled and he noticed Mom's nipples were hard.

"Yes I am." Allison winked and took a small bite of her garlic bread.

I'm going to look like a loser and a homo." Jim said as he looked to her and hoped Mom would go and save him. " he begged Mom and she just sat, giving him a blank look and not moving a single muscle. " she asked with a soft voice, breaking her silent stare. " she asked, looking into his deep, blue eyes and over his strong, manly face and wondered why he didn't have a line of women going out the fucking front door.

"I don't care and if anyone knows, we'll say it was all a joke and that's all," he replied and Mom just watched him. "I'd pick sex over food any day of the week." Jim replied and watched Mom chewing her food. She was a lady and would never do something as crude as that.

"I think you're crazy, but I'll do it for you, baby." Allison said as she lifted her fork and took a bite of her lasagna. "Oh sure, I'll get right on that." Allison laughed as she continued to eat and talk to her son.

"Oh well, you still need a date and I'm the only one around, so..." Allison said with a low voice and wiped her mouth again.

He looked at her and it was good to see Mom smiling again.


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