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Dating in the philippine

They have found out that different groups posses different genetic make-up and that these different genetic make up is caused by different waves of migration that are both recent and ancient and an diversification.

These conclusions are similar to the first two papers but what I find striking are the reporting of a direct Indian migration to the islands and the suggestion that every ethnolinguistic group has unique genetic history. The presence of these haplogroups that connect the Filipinos and Indians have NOT been observed in other Southeast Asian groups.

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Three things are clear in that study: 1) there is genetic diversity even within Philippine populations (even within negrito groups), 2) there is no simple distinction between negrito and non-negrito groups, and 3) there are recent and ancient connections to the people of neighboring countries including Near Oceania and Australia. De Ungria, Philippine Mitochondrial DNA Diversity: A Populated Viaduct between Taiwan and Indonesia? Complete mt DNA genomes of Filipino ethnolinguistic groups: a melting pot of recent and ancient lineages in the Asia-Pacific region.

Now, a recent paper in the European Journal of Human Genetics studied complete mt DNA of 14 ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines [3].

It still fascinates me how regions of the earth have been reached and populated by humans.

Particularly, I am curious how humans ‘conquered’ the islands of the Philippines.

Curious because it says where I, a Filipino, and the rest of Filipinos came from.

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