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Microsoft is introducing a new Windows Hello feature as part of Windows 10.

While Windows Hello supports fingerprint readers to log into Windows 10, the key new feature is face recognition.

Using special infrared cameras, Windows Hello will scan a face and allow you to sign into a Windows 10 machine.

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So while it's technically true that the P8 sports the first RGBW or also sometimes referred to as RGBC (C for clear) sensors are supposed to be able to increase the sensitivity of the image sensor by repurpusing one of the green sub-pixels of the normal Bayer arrangement with a white/clear one that is more sensitive to luminance than the conventional coloured sub-pixels.

Swiping left/right, or up/down when in horizontal mode will change the capture mode between standard Photo, Beauty or Light-painting mode for still-picture capture, and basic Video and Time-Lapse modes for video capturing.

Huawei exposes the same limited camera controls as on the Mate 7 - meaning a choice of ISO, white balance and further slides that adjust exposure, saturation, contrast and overall brightness.

The Honor 6 Plus already re-introduced an external ISP by Altek, and the P8 again includes a similar Altek AL6010 chipset.

Finally, Huawei claims that its OIS implementation is superior with 1.2° angle of movement, but this isn't as much as an advantage over other devices than it is over the i Phone 6 Plus.


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