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Tufat dating script dating east carolina

And the fact is that it cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be considered a British win. Even the British had initially not claimed it as a victory.

They stopped recruiting Mahars in their Army in 1892 , citing the reason that “Mahars are not a martial race but low caste untouchables[2]”.All male members of these communities had to report weekly to local police[3].As Stephen Cohen shows, the British after conquering India simply dismissed “untouchables” as “useless soldiers”.These forces are determined to inculcate the feeling of victimhood internally among some communities within Hinduism to ensure that unity in the Hindu society does not get fortified.They also try to create groups based on faith and gender.They rely extensively on atrocity content to promote distrust among communities or groups of people.National and Global media and myriad “scholars’ of Indology and “South Asian Studies” have also been found to be acting as conduits.We have the documentary evidence of James Grant Duff, a soldier and prominent historian of that time, to corroborate the same.Even if we forget Duff’s written evidence and believe that the British won the battle, how does it become a Dalit victory instead of a British victory?Further, most of the nomadic and former “untouchable castes” were classified by British as “Criminal Tribes”.All members of castes were declared inherently “criminal” and restrictions were imposed on their movement.


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