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This version does not appear to send location data insecurely to AMAP as described in this report.However, the issues we describe in this report relating to insecure data transmission to the Umeng component, as well the lack of encryption on search queries, remain in this version.UC Browser claims to have more than 500 million registered users, and is reported to be the most popular mobile browser in China and India.Overall, the application is the fourth most popular mobile browser globally, and is behind only pre-installed Chrome, Android, and Safari browsers. claims the app has 100 million daily active users, while parent company Alibaba’s 2014 prospectus reported the number of active users at 264 million in June 2014.“Cloud download,” for example, allows users to send downloads directly to UDisk (a UC cloud offering) in order to save on bandwidth costs.In addition to this feature, UC Browser can act as an optional proxy and compress web sites it fetches to reduce bandwidth consumption.

We followed up on April 23, 2015 to reiterate our intention to publish this report on or after April 29, 2015.Given the Citizen Lab’s ongoing research into popular Asian communications tools, and the possibility of vulnerabilities affecting a large number of users, we decided to conduct an independent investigation of UC Browser.While media outlets are publishing a story about the CSE document, we cannot determine if the problems we identify in UC Browser and that are described in this report are identical to those referenced in the 2012 CSE document.Users who use the Chinese version of UC Browser should upgrade the application and ensure they are running version 10.4.1-576 or above.UC Browser is a mobile web browser for Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and other platforms. The application is the flagship product of UCWeb Inc., a Guangzhou, China-based company founded in 2004.We have identified a series of major security and privacy issues in the English language and Chinese language editions of the Android version of UC Browser.Our notification to the parent companies is described below in detail.Our previous research includes investigations of censorship practices of search engines offered by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!in the Chinese market along with domestic Chinese search engine Baidu.As of May 19, 2015 we have not received further communication from Alibaba or UCWeb.On May 19, 2015 we tested version 10.4.1-576 of the Chinese language version of UC Browser, which was downloaded from the website.


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