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Databound listbox not updating build my own dating site

Abstract: This article is a guide for getting started with j Query using ASP. The article also shows you how to use Visual Studio intellisense feature to develop j Query and ASP. Google has hosted j Query on its CDN over here j Query 1.7 (CDN), there was an announcement made a few weeks ago that Microsoft will be partnering with the j Query team and shipping j Query with Visual Studio in future.

Google and Microsoft provide free CDN's for you to use.

I have a web page with a gridview & formview (master/detail relationship) combo. Sql Command() Dim txtbox As String = Nothing Dim project = gv Projects. Split(","c) Dim Items List As New List(Of String)(items) listbox1. Multiple For Each i As String In Items List Dim li As List Item = listbox1.

On page load the gridview shows all records from a SQL table.

Well if you have been hearing those words more too often from your colleagues but haven’t had the chance to explore j Query yet, then here’s this beginner guide for you to get started with j Query and ASP. j Query is a fast, lightweight Java Script library that is CSS3 compliant and supports many browsers.When a user clicks this link it hides the gridview and shows the formview in edit mode with the detail from the record selected from the gridview. In my formview I am using a listbox control to allow users to select multiple values. The idea with this sample (based on the Movie Database) is to design a form which has a drop down list for picking a movie category and then a subform (which appears only once a category has been selected) that contains the movie data for all movies with the selected category.The key to achieving this functionality is to use two data connections.For example, you might want to let the user pick from the different movie categories (action, comedy or drama) and then let them iterate through only that subset of the Movie Database.If you’ve been scratching your elbow, pinching your nose and blinking your eyes in hopes that this might “just work”, well, it’s actually scratch your nose, pinch your elbow and roll your eyes — ok, just kidding…That’s what we ultimately want to modify once the user picks a movie category: You should note that the query node’s command Type attribute value is very important. That’s because having data nodes with the names “id” and “name” in your data connection will give you a lot of headaches when attempting to iterate through the xfa.record.node in order to find the data associated to the current record from a data connection (so that we can display the category names in the drop down list, for example).This file can be downloaded from A few days ago, Microsoft also released a VS2008 SP1 Hotfix to support all Java Script files including j Query intellisense for Visual Studio 2008.Note that this hotfix works only if you have VS 2008 with SP1 or Visual Web Developer Express Edition with SP1.


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