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None of this matters because the finished pie slid off the plate flopping face-down into the open fridge as I tried to put it away and then, as I crouched on the floor in front of the open fridge scooping fistfuls of meringue and curd into a garbage bag and questioning my life choices, my son walked in and asked what I was making for dinner. From what I can gather, there are many, many ways to make okonomiyaki and that this is by design — according to Wikipedia, the name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “what you like” or “what you want.” What most have in common is a base of cabbage, flour, and egg, fried in a small or large fritter pancake form — can I call them Japanese latkes without offending anyone? From this base, only you are limited only by your imagination; I’ve seen versions with everything from kimchi to shrimp or octopus, green onions or pork belly/bacon, but I kept with the relatively earnest version outlined in the newsletter, with cabbage, kale, carrots and scallions.

While okonomiyaki is often made omelet-like and thick, served in wedges, it turns out I like mine the way I like my potato pancakes, which is for them to resemble a flying spaghetti monster that ran afoul of a hot skillet and crisped up on impact in all of its straggly glory — i.e.

Press down gently with a spatula to they flatten slightly, but no need to spread them much. Flip the pancakes and cook them again until brown underneath.

Regardless of pancake size, you can keep them warm on a tray in the oven at 200 to 250 degrees until needed.

Golders Green is the latest […] Read More 17 Central Circus, Hendon, London NW4 3AS The Amaretto story began in Edgware in 2005 under the management of head chef and owner Flo Bajari.

Flo first arrived in the […] Read More 36-38 White Hart Lane, Barnes, London SW13 0PZ Annie’s is your home from home – a lovely, charming brasserie-style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Flo first arrived in […] Read More 76 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, London NW11 8LN The Amaretto story began in Edgware in 2005 under the management of head chef and owner Flo Bajari.

Think of it as ‘modern Brit-erranean’, taking influences from comfort food as […] Read More 162 Thames Road, Chiswick, London W4 3QS Annie’s is your home from home – a lovely, charming brasserie-style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.12 The Promenade, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7JZ The Amaretto story began here in Edgware in 2005 under the management of head chef and owner Flo Bajari.Flo learnt his trade many years back in the southern parts of Italy and he has now brought his true taste of Italy to north London with a daily freshly prepared menu.Toss mixture with flour so it coats all of the vegetables. (If this is terrifying, you can first slide the pancake onto a plate, and, using potholders, reverse it back into the hot skillet.) Cook on the other side until the edges brown, and then again up to a minute more (you can peek to make sure the color is right underneath).To make small pancakes, you can use tongs but I seriously find using my fingers and grabbing little piles, letting a little batter drip back into the bowl, and depositing them in piles on the skillet easier, to form 3 to 4 pancakes.Please forgive me if the flavor isn’t perfect; I am new to it, but we loved it, just the same.Pancakes are then sprinkled with bonito flakes, seaweed flakes or even pickled ginger, but we enjoyed ours with a finely slivered scallion and toasted sesame seeds. I had great, ambitious designs on a rhubarb meringue tart that would be pink and pretty with a scalloped tart-shell edge and a meringue that looked like piped roses that had toasted petal tips.But as the week went on and as various really non-torments in the greater definition of the word but nonetheless tormenting to me mounted — thin curds, too thick curds, beige (you know, the color of pink rhubarb multiple yolks) curd, slumped tart shells, wet meringues, useless broilers, blowtorches so close to empty, they emit the useless wisps of sleepy dragons, refill canister AWOL — my enjoyment of the project plummeted. Not to be clichéd or anything (cough, ugh), but I did go get a pedicure and while I was there an email appeared on my phone from Tasting Table extolling the virtues of the Japanese vegetable pancake known as okonomiyaki and all I wanted to do was run home and make it, immediately.Inspired by the cultural synthesis of Old Havana’s Chinatown, Chef Luis Pous interprets Asian-influenced Cuban fare for a modern crowd and a discerning palate.Fresh ingredients, handcrafted dishes and eye-catching interiors make […] Read More 70D Watling Street, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 7NP Both chef and owner of Avani hail from Mumbai, which enables them to offer a truly authentic Indian dining experience.


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  2. Mar 19, 2014. I love dumplings of all kinds Chinese potstickers, Japanese gyoza, Polish pierogi. Dumplings have been one of the hardest things for me to give up on my gluten-free diet. Also, unlike gluten-free pasta and pizza, which is easy to find in many supermarkets and even restaurants these days, g-free and.

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  4. May 15, 2013. I made these last night, with modifications based on what I had pea shoots instead of kale, red onion and ginger instead of scallions, and a dash of togarashi to make it even more Japanese-y. I also used a gluten-free flour Bob's Red Mill All Purpose so my girlfriend could eat it, and that worked just fine.

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