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Yates Hair Thickener because the protein fibers attach themselves to the smallest hairs, the ones that you might not even see!

The fibers can be used to thicken eyebrows and facial hair as well. Yates Hair Enhancer is completely natural and remains on the surface of the scalp, so it does not damage hair or scalp and can be easily washed out by shampooing.

He died in 1904 and his wife took over managing the pottery.

One of the employees, Kenneth Stevenson, took over the company in 1969.

Still, one thing is constant - to display a piece of fine art pottery in your home or office says something about you.

For over 100 years Van Briggle Pottery has been creating world renowned art pottery.

Yates recommends finishing application with a few pumps of the Holding Spray.

It has value that transcends explanation, because it has the ability to elicit different emotions from all who see it.

Even areas that have suffered from significant hair loss can benefit from Dr.This makes collecting Van Briggle pottery not only less-costly, it enables you to build a collection that’s more unique than the ubiquitous brands mentioned above.Don’t let the fact that Van Briggle pottery is still producing and selling pottery today cause you to be hesitant to collect it. Yates Hair Thickener will not come out until you shampoo.Hair Fiber Thickener is applied by shaking the fibers gently over affected areas, which allows for even distribution. Yates Hair Enhancer‘s natural keratin filaments attach themselves to your real hair to create a radiant and realistic look.He died in 1990 and his wife, Bertha, and son, Craig, ran the pottery. Craig, who is the chief designer, continues to run the pottery.Some of the old pieces are still being made and new designs are also being made.Bertha Ellen Stevenson, who found herself at the helm of Van Briggle Pottery after her husband’s death in 1990, passed away on September 25, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.She was a true visionary with an artistic ability few have ever possessed.We invite you to join the Van Briggle Collector Society - membership fee is only for first year members and each succeeding year.The price of the limited edition Collector Society piece is 0.00, plus shipping and handling.


  1. Van Briggle Pottery – 1901 through 1904. Van Briggle produced in this earliest period. Photos of Van Briggle Pottery Marks. Any help in dating and finding a.

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