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If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.Sky Golf has begun to seriously pare down their lineup of golf GPS devices, now focusing their Tour series on the Sky Caddie TOUCH, which is the evolution of the Sky Caddie BREEZE, Sky Caddie SGX, and Sky Caddie SGXw.The desktop software failed to find the Sky Caddie multiple times when attempting each software update, and also crashed multiple times seemingly at the very end of the upgrade process.All of this tacked on another hour and 45 minutes of setup. Assuming you are able to get everything up and running, you can then sync scores and courses via USB cable (you log in to the Sky Caddie portal and then sync from the browser) or through Bluetooth.We note that the Sky Caddie TOUCH marketing website does not mention a couple of features previously marketed by Sky Caddie: “Intelli Green Pro” (which displays green contours) and “Pin Point” (which locates pin positions based on a pin sheet).We found Pin Point available on rare occasions with the TOUCH, but given the sparse availability, it appears Sky Caddie is no longer developing the capability or course coverage.

To start, we had to register the Sky Caddie TOUCH and create a free Sky Golf user account online.

But more importantly, we were disappointed with the user interface and performance of the TOUCH device itself – from the sensitivity of the screen, to the choice of yardages displayed, to the interaction necessary to obtain distances.

We expected a step forward, but instead found instead found ourselves two steps back.

This was the smoothest part of the process, taking 30 minutes to get the device updated and the membership activated.

However, upon syncing the device again, we found that our membership hadn’t activated the TOUCH, and the device required two more separate software updates.


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