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Even though the crises reduced the female survival advantage in life expectancy, women still survived better than men,” the authors wrote.

“In all populations men had equal or higher mortality than women across almost all ages.” A good portion of females’ life-expectancy advantage, they added, came from “survival differences among infants.” Also read: This is the No.

She doesn’t go to the gym to laugh and talk; she goes for one simple purpose, and that’s to get strong so that she can chase her dreams.

I’ve come to an understanding that the relationships she has with the men in her powerlifting team are strong and ones that I’d never try to mess up.We are both passionate about competing in powerlifting, but her passion for the sport is much deeper than mine.For me, powerlifting is a fun sport to be a part of but my business always comes first.Me being the clever wordsmith that I am, I swept her off her feet that day by saying a clever pickup line to her.Actually, I lied - I went up to her feeling extremely nervous and said, “You’re really strong.? However, she is unlike anyone else I’ve ever dated.You also need to be mentally strong enough when having a bad training day to realize it’s just an isolated incident and not get discouraged.She is one of the mentally strongest people I know both in and outside of the gym.I tend to be attracted to strong women, both mentally and physically.As an entrepreneur and one who recreationally competes in powerlifting, I have to be both mentally and physically strong, so there’s really no surprise that’s what I’m attracted to. I’m not talking, “Hey, I lift weights at the gym 2-3 times a week? She competes in powerlifting at an elite level and can squat over 300lbs at a light body weight of only 123 lbs.Even though she has an incredibly sexy physique, I’ve learned to not poke jokes.She will have a lot of guy friends Powerlifting tends to be a very male-dominated sport even though the number of females competing is growing.


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