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But the submissives do not have a Dominant's exclusive attention during that time. This is an open party environment with Ladies joining in on scenes and/or watching your scene.

Typically, most single scenes span 20-30 minutes so that everyone has the opportunity to play with others if they like or take a few minutes to take a break, grab something to eat or drink, and perhaps socialize a little before starting the next scene.

If you are new to the BDSM community there is a terminology used on this web page you may be unfamiliar with. A BDSM Club's dungeon party are typically private to the membership, but in all other respects they are public events within the membership.

It will happen, and is normally expected to happen, that your play will be watched by others.

Nice black sneakers are okay, dress slacks, dress shirts, or suits. Memberships are .95 per month plus a .95 one time charge. Comming events are announced on the Den of Iniquity's Calendar.Female members are expected to remain in submissive Fetish wear OR other submissive outfit for the evening. If a sub comes without a Dom or a collar, a House Collar will be provided ( deposit required which is retuned upon the return of the collar when leaving).Round tags, which symbolize availability to negotiate play, are available for all single subs to wear.These are fetish themed events at disco nightclubs where SM play is staged and play by public for both Tops and bottoms is welcomed as well.Because these are public events no nudity is allowed at any them.These parties are not a place for those who are uncomfortable with being watched while at play.Please visit the Bailey for other information resources at the Hidden Castle.Must wear a pair of NICE underwear, no tighty whiteys or boxer shorts....prefer thong underwear. The next event is announced on the Den of Iniquity's Event Bright page. - 10 pm - High Protocol Social, during which time subs can serve their Doms and discuss what they have learned, negotiate scenes, or just relax.These parties are attended by professional dominants, generally always Fem Doms, who are paid to attend and play with the submissives there.It is assured a submissive who attends will be played with, which is unlike the nonprofessional parties where people gather, socialize, and possibly find play partners.


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