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Are blue eyes intimidating emile hirsch dating now

He didn’t exactly trust a guy to be alone with his sister, but the guy was like a mountain so Bellamy knew she would be safe from other people at least.

He could see poking out from under the right shoulder of the one-strapped dress the markings of a tattoo and some smaller stuff on her forearms. ” Clarke yells from the back room.“You should probably go, Octavia,” Lincoln says from the counter.That’s the most over exaggeration I’ve ever heard.”Octavia laughs and bumps her shoulder into his arm.It was another three weeks before Bellamy ever had to go back to Ton DC.The blonde had a tattoo on her shoulder that looked like some kind of flower, but it wasn’t until she lifted her arms to tell a story that he realized who she was.The two women were laughing about something when Octavia noticed them.“Bell! ” Octavia jumped off her stool and came around to hug his partner.“I see.I tried sticking to everything as best I could (except the motorbike thing - sorry! I put them here because when I read things with links I like to open all the links and then delete them as they are mentioned so I have a visual of them.They might be random and all over the place because they are. I told you I wanted to help out around here and you said that I could as long as the money went to things I needed and not the apartment.Prompt: A heavily tattooed Clarke who runs a tattoo parlor with Lincoln.She’s got the whole eyeliner/leather/motorbike thing going for her and Bellamy is terrified but kinda in love.This time he was working with Miller, his partner, when Octavia called and said she left her keys at home and if he could drop his off before her shift ended.As they parked their unmarked car around the corner and made their way into Ton DC, Bellamy warned Miller that the people who ran the place were certifiable. He had walked Octavia home a few nights when Bellamy was working late.


  1. You're Eyes Are So Intimidating. Her blue eyes are like ice daggers being thrown at him. He’s never really been terrified of a girl before.

  2. What Men Really Think of Brunettes. Brunettes are mysterious and intimidating. blue eyes with dark hair.

  3. Read Shot 1 from the story Intimidating EyesSwaSan by mars_111 with 1,063 reads. swara. Colour again changed from red to blue as they deepened the kiss.

  4. Sep 01, 2013 Do you think people with 'Brown Eyes' look more intimidating. There some people with blue or green eyes that can be intimidating looking too.

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