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The sun was indeed beautiful, but he couldn’t conceive of anything more beautiful than the adorable woman that had agreed to share his life, and everything that came with it.

Nuzzling his face at her shoulder, he glanced briefly at the fading sunlight, then returned his gaze to the shadowy cleft of her breasts, already undressing her in his mind and enjoying the sweet wonders of her gorgeous body. “I’ve never been able to capture a sunset very well,” she complained.

“I think we’re the ones actually showing a little bit more skin.” That was an understatement, and one for which both men were appreciative!

“Maybe we better go give them fair warning,” Marie wondered.

Still later, Stan fired up the mini-grill and cooked up a batch of hamburgers for supper.

Driving the boat further down the river so they could see to the west, they set it at anchor and sat together on the bow as the sun disappeared in the west. She sat between her husband’s legs, both of them facing the west, listening to the sounds of the water, and feeling the summer warmth that, for the moment, defied the departing of day.

She’d received what she’d gone back there for: the gleam in her husband’s eye.

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The trip took about an hour, but sufficed to take them past the great bend to open water.

“At least then they can’t blame us.” Standing, Marie offered her hand to Lisa, who took it, and rose to her feet.

Laughing, they followed the rail to the back of the boat, where their men rested. Frankly, it could have been a potato sack she was dressed in, and it would likely have had the same effect on him.

She was also seated between her husband’s legs, and leaned on him as she tried to show Lisa her handiwork. “Not too good, either.” “Those pictures in the flower field turned out good,” Stan chuckled. It would have been more fun without the pesky bees, but both husbands had appreciated their efforts profusely.

Marie lifted the camera one last time to try to catch the fading light.


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