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The speed of dating sarah emmott

Having realized that there were a number of small groups dedicated to improving Houston’s quality of life, the women of CWC decided that Houston needed a centralized information clearing house to assist struggling environmental groups and coordinate community efforts.

Influenced and trained by initiatives in other cities such as the San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal Association (SPUR) and the Citizens Action Program (CAP) of Chicago, the founders of CWC formed the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC) formally in 1970, but their informal activities had begun as early as 1969.

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With a few exceptions, the CEC office records document organization activities during the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s.The CEC archival records collection consists of 730 folders housed in 73 manuscript boxes, 171 audio tapes housed in 10 boxes, thousands of slides housed in 23 metal boxes, and 1 tube for rolled oversized items. CEC's archival records collection includes documentation of Houston's environmental history and CEC's organizational efforts from 1966 to 2000.The CEC records collection arises from three separate accessions.Both Terry Hershey and Sarah Emmott were visionary in their preservation of documents.Terry Hershey continues to preserve and disseminate documentation of Houston's environmental history. p=collections/controlcard&id=386) Terry Tarlton Hershey Papers ( p=collections/controlcard&id=226) Outdoor Nature Club ( p=collections/controlcard&id=373) The Park People ( p=collections/controlcard&id=225) Scenic Houston - Scenic Texas (Throughout spring 1969, members of CWC collaborated with other groups to sponsor a community education program on air quality, in preparation for June 1970 hearings by the Texas Air Control Board.Their effort brought 1500 citizens to the air quality hearing, a success that encouraged the formal establishment of the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition.In June 1970, members of CEC met to formulate Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and a second important project.Office space offered by the San Jacinto Lung Association and grants from Lois Maher and CWC allowed CEC to open for business with the help of paid secretary.The Emmott's accession includes papers largely from the 1980s, including financial records, committee activities, and newsletters plus programs such as the Waterfront Festival that are not represented elsewhere in the CEC collection.A fourth set of records is housed at the Metropolitan Research Center of the Houston Public Library.


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