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Kinect video adult webcam

Your kids' favorite video-game system may be the key to your parents' ability to age in their home or extend their time in an assisted-living community.As it turns out, facilitating game play without the need for hand-held controllers may be the interesting thing Microsoft's Kinect for the XBox can do.Reports have been pouring in from around the world regarding similar unexplainable phenomenon.

(MORE: For Caregivers, New Tracking Technology Offers Peace of Mind) As “Kinect hackers” were drawn to the fact that the object affordably synthesizes an arsenal of sophisticated components — notably, a fancy video camera, a “depth sensor” to capture visual data in three dimensions and a multiarray microphone capable of a similar trick with audio.

Wandering at night could be an early sign of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, prompting further tests.

And if the Kinect's motion-capture technology identifies changes in a person's gait, the community's staff can take steps to prevent the risk of falls.

Prior to this scene coming out in this movie, franchise gamers around the world had been posting videos of their Kinect detecting 'ghost players'.

In the film, the characters use night vision to see what the Kinect is seeing, and sure enough, gamers had to test it out for themselves to see if in fact the Kinect could be used to detect a ghost.


  1. Oct 31, 2012. I always thought that it would be really cool to have this behaviour without having to wear anything on your head and it was - see the video below. Well, initially I thought of using just a standard webcam to try to infer the viewer's distance from the camera using a whole bunch of cunning calibration and.

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