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) and my part time job that most of my evenings are spent working, I don't see as much of my friends as I would like to so I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend. Despite coming from a different, non-academic background we have a lot in common, shared values etc, and he is so caring etc, it is very early days but I think this could go somewhere, he is exactly what I'd been looking for.The trouble is though, he is 6 years older than me (nearly 28) and I think he would want to settle down, and I'm nowhere near that stage in my life yet.If he's not, then you have to decide if there is anything you can change to see him more, and if he's really great, then he will do his best to understand where you are coming from. Sneaks - he is not a stable boy haha - my university is a 120 mile round trip away he works near me and lives about a 20 min drive from me, so not that far!I am actually really pleased that he doesn't come from an academic background, to be honest I would rather date someone that didn't, I think that sort of difference is quite good for a relationship.So I think that you need to be honest with him about how busy things are for you at the moment but also be honest with him about your feelings for him, and see if you can come to some sort of agreement about whether you want to give things a shot and if so, how you will work it, e.g.you'll take it slowly, keep it casual to start with, or whatever suits you both.

After a few months when I realised I had very little spare time due to final year exams etc, I decided that it was either part time work at home or seeing my boyf, and I chose to see him, the money didn't really add to my pocket much anyway!

If they don't come from an academic background, do they understand how much it all means to you, does it cause any arguments?

Thanks, Natassia xx ======= Date Modified =======Hi Natassia!

I've started seeing this guy who I really like, and the feeling appears to be mutual.

I've known him for a while but we've only been romantically involved for the past two weeks - I'm really not looking for a serious relationship at the moment as I'm so busy with my MSc (hopefully soon to be Ph D!


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