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In my opinion, as you’ll see, the pendulum that had once swung way too far in the direction of “the Jews” has now swung too far back in the opposite “Romans only” direction. I should add at this point that I am aware of the shameful history of anti-Semitism and the danger of anti-Semitism that is very much alive today.

This does make it tricky to deal with the historical evidence in a straightforward way, because if one concludes that some Jews were somewhat responsible for the death of Jesus, this might fuel anti-Semitic attitudes and actions.

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All I ask is that you give credit to this website: ” At the outset, I must say that this isn’t an easy question to answer for several reasons. Therefore, when I try to explain why Pilate or certain Jewish leaders believed that Jesus had to die, I’ll have to extrapolate from the evidence that is available to us.Most of what formed the soul of Ebenezer Scrooge appears in Stave 2 of A Christmas Carol, when the Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge images of his past experiences.Our very first view of the younger Scrooge comes as he sits alone in his boarding school on Christmas Eve. Father is so much kinder than he used to be, that home’s like Heaven!I realize this question is more of a 21st century question than a 19th century question.It’s only been in recent times that we’ve become fascinated, one might say, obsessed by psychological causes of behavior.Soon I want to examine what made Ebenezer Scrooge change from being, well, Scrooge, to being a generous man who loved both people and Christmas.But before I get to this, I want to consider what turned the human being named Ebenezer Scrooge into the archetypal mean-spirited miser.I do believe, however, that this evidence, both in the New Testament Gospels and in other ancient sources, is strong enough to allow us to formulate likely hypotheses concerning Roman and Jewish motivations for the crucifixion of Jesus. For centuries it was common to put all the blame on “the Jews.” But the horror of the Holocaust combined with new historical insights has led scholars in almost completely the opposite direction.Many claim that “the Jews,” even Jewish leaders, had little or nothing to do with the death of Jesus.And it has led him to be consumed, not just by materialism, but also by fear.He is so afraid of poverty’s lash that he has abandoned his “nobler aspirations,” including the desire to marry the woman he loves and who had once loved him.


  1. If you call somebody a Scrooge today, everybody will know what you mean. You’re implying that someone is miserly, grumpy, and selfish, especially but not only.

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