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Military dating system

There are some stories of couples who never get stationed together, however, these tend to be members of separate services with one being Air Force and one being Navy for instance.One of the primary factors to consider when contemplating a military-couple marriage is if both members are in the same service.

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That sounds pretty good, until you realize that means 20 percent of military couples are not assigned close to each other.

John, still stationed in Texas and living in their off-base house while she is gone, will continue to receive his single-rate housing allowance.

Family Separation Allowance (currently 0 per month) is normally paid anytime a military member is separated from his/her dependents for longer than 30 days, due to military orders.

If there are dependents (children), one of the member's would receive a with-dependent housing allowance while in basic/job training, in order to provide a household for the dependents (Note: This scenario is unlikley, as it requires a very-hard-to-get waiver for a couple with children to both join the military). One of the members, Sally gets orders for a 12-month remote (unaccompanied) tour to Korea.

Another example: The Markets (both PFCs in the Army) are assigned together at an Army Post in Texas. While in Korea, Sally loses her housing allowance (because she is living in the barracks there).


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