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Dating pregnancy right after miscarriage

If I ovulated 2 weeks after I lost my baby, would a strong positive result show? I did a ovulation test on the 5th day after the bleeding began and got a positive test. This pregnancy (my second one)feels alot better than my first, when I miscarried. I miscarried before my oldest daughter (December of 1996) and was pregant (Jan of 1997). I miscarried on Dec 18th of 2007 and have yet to begin to cycle again. I thought my body was just getting back into the swing of things. We had our second m/c in late aug, followed my Hc G levels to zero, and found out i was pregnant again around Oct 14. Perhaps the pregnancy had already stopped internally prior to the actual bleeding.The line came up immediately, but my doctor can't see me for another week and a half. I felt like I was ovulating, I still can't believe I was. This means I was ovulating 3 days after I began bleeding. I did not bleed much but I did use a strainer and found the tiny baby complete with sac and tiny almost placenta. Although I'm not sure when I concieved or when exactly my due date is. But did have ovulation cramps on the 8th of Jan (about 3wks after m/c). My hcg levels were low from the start so it was not too much of a surprise. 23 2009, My doc has had me coming in every week to take blood and watch my hc G levels, last week they were 43.i just feel so empty and want to be pregnant again :(I know it isn't want you wanted to hear and I didn't want to hear it either after my first loss. Ive have had 1 natural mc & 2 D&c's around 7-8 weeks pregnant. I believe, heard a d&c can be beneficial & easier for implanting.

Then I tried to figure out if he was right (about the age) and it didn't match up to either the date of the miscarriage or to the date of what I know of the date of conception. I figure that I ovulated about 3 and a half weeks after the miscarriage probably because my body was out of whack.It's best to watch your Hc G levels go to zero so a.) You know you dont have a molar pregnancy and no complications from the m/c.b.) you will have an idea of when you are likely to have your next MP.I do understand you wanting to be pregnant again as I felt the same way. My husband and I are going to have a long talk about it tonight and weigh the pros and cons. Physically, I think the concern is about being able to accurately date conception etc.we have at least another week before we can have sex anyway and im still not feeling the greatest physically so we'll see what happens. I wish you a speedy physical recovery, emotionally will take longer.But you have to think every women is diffrent it can take longer or shorter time for any women t/c.If you are receiving a positive pregnancy test at 6 weeks after a miscarriage, it is likely that you are pregnant again.Then the babys heartrate was low at my first sono, but a week later jumped right up and was normal, however, an arrhythmia was detected, went back in 2 weeks later and our precious angel was gone :( he/she measured 6 wks 3 days but shouldve been somewhere between 9.5-11 weeks (was difficult to know for sure bc lo measured behind from the beginning) DH & I are absolutely devastated.I had a D&C on Friday and the bleeding afterwards was very minimal and has already stopped.I got pregnant again in June just 3 weeks after my d&c (before first af). I made it to 9 weeks and there was no longer a heartbeat.I had another d&c in August and decided we would wait the 2 months.


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