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Expert guide dating victorian family photographs

You can also use household items, cars, street signs and other background items to help determine the approximate date a photograph was taken.Photographs taken during the 19th century were not the casual snapshots of today but, generally, formal affairs where the family got dressed up in their "Sunday best." Clothing fashions and hairstyle choices changed from year to year, providing yet another basis for determining the approximate date when the photograph was taken.If you would like to do this, please contact the Events Co-ordinator ([email protected]) for more details. Expect a friendly atmosphere, an expert tutor and lots of detail.Tea and coffee are provided during breaks in the morning and afternoon.If you're lucky, the photographer's imprint will also list the location of his studio.Check city directories for the area (found in libraries) or ask the members of local historical or genealogical society to determine the time period the photographer was in business. Some photographers were only in business for a few years, so this information may help you really narrow down the time period when a photograph was taken.You may also be able to find a published directory of photographers working in your specific region, such as by Linda A. Ruby (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1999) or this online list of Early St. The setting or backdrop for a photograph may be able to provide clues to location or time period.

Like most old family photos that have been passed down the generations, it is not dated or identified.If you still aren't able to identify the subjects of your photo, create a list of the ancestors which meet all of the possible criteria, including approximate age, family line and location.Then cross off any people who you have been able to identify in other photos as different individuals.Often the family may appear posed in front of the family house or automobile.Look for the family house or other family possessions in other photos for which you do have names and dates.- Understand what these special pictures meant to our ancestors and how we should interpret them.Invitation from Jayne Anyone attending the course can submit photos from their own collection for analysis on the day. However, this course is specifically for people who are interested in knowing more about their family photos and artworks.You may find you only have one or two possibilities left!Join Jayne Shrimpton for a full-day course on understanding your family photos and artworks.Menswear is all in the details, such as coat collars and neckties.If you're new to identifying clothing features, hairstyles and other fashion features, begin by comparing fashions from similar photos for which you have dates.


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