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Microsoft update not updating

One of the first thing that I normally do after installing Windows is to disable the automatic Windows Update.

Although automatic update is a very convenient way to keep Windows up to date, but I personally do not like Windows or any third party software to automatically do things in background without my knowledge, unless I schedule it to do that.

We recommend you do that a few days following the 2nd Tuesday each month.3.

You are now going to download and install either one or two updates manually.

Instead of repeating their blog post, please see the attached image (my emphasis in red). If anyone at any time has modified the local machine’s settings for Windows Update for Business, e.g. Incredibly obnoxious, but this list is the only solution I could come up with to resolve the issue.

Despite triple checking my work and banging my head against the wall, I could not for the life of me figure out why some of our Windows 10 devices were still downloading/installing their updates from Microsoft Update (directly – versus installing the updates I’m deploying over SCCM). Even though they were all receiving the exact same GPO’s – some devices were reaching out to Microsoft to download their updates even when a WSUS server was manually defined via SCCM. After finding a buried blog post from the Windows Server team back in January I have realized that Microsoft contradicted themselves. Because as mentioned above, Microsoft can’t seem to decide on a name for these features and each version of Windows has a different registry (or GPO setting) for the same functionality.NET Framework 4 with a couple of other updates for Windows.All updates installed without problems except the 3 updates for . NET Framework 4 has somehow got corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. NET Framework 4, I should try the repair option first. NET Framework 4 Client Profile from the list and click on the Uninstall/Change button. NET Framework 4 Client Profile Maintenance window will open and select the “Repair . NET Framework 4, I went to Windows Update again and try to install the 2 updates and 1 security update. NET Framework 4, failing with the error code 66A (Windows Update encountered an unknown error). At first I wanted to reset the Windows Update components using the official Microsoft Fix it 50202 tool but after thinking for a while, this error code 66A should have nothing to do with a broken Windows Update since other updates were able to install except for . NET Framework 4 Client Profile to its original state”. This time Windows Update reports “The updates were successfully installed” with a checkmark which means the repair fixed the problem and allowed the updates to be installed. Update (10/23/17): Microsoft has provided a new GPO in 1709 ADMX that (helps) resolve this issue! So, this is an extremely frustrating situation I recently ran into within the organization I work for.All I need to do is manually check for updates using Windows Update in Control Panel every Patch Tuesday (second Tuesday of each month) as that is when Microsoft releases security patches.The recent Patch Tuesday released 2 updates and 1 security update for Microsoft .In most cases only the first (KB3172605) of these is needed.If that produces a result that says the update is not appropriate for you computer, you need to first install the 2nd of these (KB3020369), then install the first (KB3172605).IF you do leave the setting at NEVER, Windows Update will no longer be automatic.From this point onwards, you are responsible for starting and installing updates.


  1. To continue, you must first add this website to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer. The site cannot determine which updates apply to your computer or display.

  2. This topic describes how to update a removable or in-chassis device's firmware using the Windows Update WU service. For information about updating system firmware.

  3. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Windows Update, including how to keep your PC up to date.

  4. UPDATE, December 4, 2016. Windows update works fine when you apply the solution described below. However, you may

  5. Sometimes updating the Microsoft Framework can fail through Windows update with the error code 66A Windows Update encountered an unknown error. Here is a.

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