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Cfgridupdate not updating Sexi chat cam

and for a more complex example i followed the tutorial on this page: Fusion-8-cfgrid-adding-Add-and-Delete-Record-Functionality where i did add the edit function.

I post a working code below for the first example: As a web developer or IT admin, successfully managing multiple client accounts can be challenging.

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You might also consider hiding the contents of the Emp_ID column and automatically generating its value for new records, and displaying the Department name, from the Departmt table, in place of the Department ID.

It sounds like you didn't define that column as the PRIMARY KEY when you created the table in My SQL which ports are open to the outside world.

Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

The table you are attempting to update, Kategorie does not have a primary key, which is a field or set of fields that uniquely identify each record.

Here is my new error: Primary key(s) table_id not found.


  1. I'm not sure why this won't update the checkbox values in the database when they are changed. I have tried this method and I have tried using cfgridupdate on another.

  2. Cfgridupdate Attribute Reference grid string. Required. Name of cfgrid form element that is the source for the update. Applies to the update action

  3. How to Update a Database with CFGRID info? Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. I know there is the cfgridupdate tag but I'm unsure of where to put it.

  4. Updating the database with the cfgridupdate tag. The cfgridupdate tag provides a simple mechanism for updating the database, including inserting and deleting records.

  5. I have a cfgrid that is editable. Two colums are visible, one is the primary key and is not visible or selectable. Upon making an edit to a row, submitting the form.

  6. This isn't your standard "can't find grid error". In fact I was only able to find once instance of the error repeated on the net and it exist

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