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Who is dec dating

This is especially true if you have type 1 diabetes because it's harder to hide insulin injections or a pump, and you're more likely to need to treat lows.

"I professionally believe if you're in a serious relationship, your significant other should be told," says Laura Smith, Ph D, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of South Florida Diabetes Center.

You get educated, your worries are eased, and it shows that you care. The biggest concern most people with diabetes have is that a date will stop liking them once diabetes is in the picture.

"My impression is that most people are more concerned about that than is reasonable," says Polonsky.

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There's no right or wrong time to tell someone about your diabetes, but earlier is generally better.That doesn't mean you need to reveal it during introductions or even on your first date, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be."If you wait very long to tell someone, you run the risk of your significant other believing you didn't have enough trust in them to tell about your diabetes," says Smith, who has type 1 diabetes, which she revealed to the man who's now her husband on their first date." and engaged me in different tasks if I felt comfortable.He taught me how to set up the glucagon pen with an old one (don't worry—it was properly disposed of and not used on him).Plus, you might devote a great deal of time to a relationship that you wouldn't want to pursue if your significant other isn't supportive."My diabetes is such a big part of my life," says Chris Dallas.His self-care habits are inspiring, and his example has helped me to lose weight.As a result, I feel healthier and more confident, and the chain reaction continues to ripple through all elements of our relationship. It was very helpful when Chris told me about eating habits he wanted my help to improve, such as consuming more fruits and vegetables. We go shopping and I'll fill our grocery cart with foods that his nutritionist recommends.Still, there are some guidelines you can follow to determine what’s right for you.Read on for tips that’ll help you transition from “Nice to meet you” to “I have diabetes.” Be honest.


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