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When the author supports a relationship or resolves a Love Triangle by turning the hero's romantic rivals into complete jackasses.

Alice loved Bob, but Bob didn't or couldn't return her love, so she left him.

By the way after spending 16 hours of phone time in going to the AT&T store because they cut my service several times because I obviously would not pay 00 for fraudulent fees.

I had to go back into the store not even a month later because the charges were not correct.There's only one problem: Alice has no reason to take him back.She's met her perfect match, she's in love and life is bliss.And why should she believe that Bob, after not-loving her for so long, is genuinely in love with her now?He had his chance, he blew it, and now everything is about Alice and Charlie.For the artist it is better to focus on one censor, one entity, rather than be allowed self-censorship where he or she will tend to exaggerate the censorship.With a good censor a deal can be struck; negotiations can be made”, says Ali Abu Shadi, Chairman of the central Censorship Department in Egypt.Alice's sweet suitor starts showing traits that were never there before.He reveals (or Alice discovers) that he's cheating on her and has been for some time.After repeated phone calls, they refuse to credit my card or cancel the contract.AT&T tells me that they cannot help me because this store is a "franchise".


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