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DAY 5 In a bar on the last night an American asked if he could buy me a drink.

He was an architect and really sarcastic, which I love. Generally, I have a good radar for guys before I sleep with them.

I spoke to my boyfriend two days later and he seemed fine with splitting up, which I thought was strange – then I found out he’d been seeing someone behind my back.

SINGLE Oliver Sola, 23, from South East London, went to Benidorm in Spain with mates Dave and Anders last July. Oliver, a bartender, says: “I don’t usually sleep around but on holiday it’s on everyone’s radar and I feel more confident because I know other people are looking for the same thing.” DAY 1 The vibe in Benidorm is so upfront about sex.

LOOKING for some proper fun in the sun on your summer holiday? In Day Three of our Summer Sex Week, we have delved deep into the mind of the young Brit abroad, as two twentysomethings confess all about their holiday flings.

Our sizzling sex poll by You Gov found that 16 per cent of Brits were more likely to have a one-night stand when they were on holiday compared with when they were back home – and our two did just that.

I didn’t know the security code so climbed over her balcony, jumped to the ground and scaled an 8ft fence before doing the walk of shame. Dave had struck lucky with a Norwegian girl, leaving Anders rather disgruntled.

At home, if I pull someone, it feels more sensible and it might turn into something, but on holiday it’s more exciting because it’s just for fun.

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DAY 6 I stayed the night and decided to face the music when I got back to our apartment, but the girls just asked if I was OK.If I saw her out again I’d hope to have more fun but I didn’t want a girlfriend and knew there might be others on the horizon.DAY 3 The following morning was the ritual swapping of stories with Dave and Anders. I told the lads how I’d tried to creep home at 5am when Clare was asleep.There were loads of beautiful women and buckets of booze.We had our sights set on partying and, if we could find them, some fun flings.We worked our way through the cocktail list and I instantly knew where this was going. Of course, you can never be 100 per cent that they’re not going to turn into nutters, but if you never took risks you’d never cross the road.After getting through the minibar we ended up in bed.DAY 4 We weren’t hell-bent on getting laid every night – although our radar was always on – so we hired scooters.Holidays are about banter and games and spending time with the lads too. We cruised up and down the strip chatting to girls, getting the occasional snog.He had a partner at home too and neither of us wanted our friends to find out what happened between us, so we made a swift exit.I was gutted, as I knew it was unlikely we’d see each other again. I am a bit younger than them and didn’t want them to worry about me or tell me off. But if they’d found out I wouldn’t have had problems explaining myself, as they didn’t know my boyfriend.


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  2. In 2004 Vučković was involved in an internationally reported sex scandal after a sex tape featuring her and Bosnian Croat businessman Milan Lučić leaked onto the Internet, which was reported by the Croatian online tabloid The graphic nature of the video and the fact that Lučić was married when the tape was.

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  5. CROATIA. 2. During the year there were no reports of new politically motivated disappearances. c. Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or. On April 6, the Constitutional Court annulled five articles of the law on free legal aid due to. the government monitored e-mail or Internet chat rooms.

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