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The working principle is that unless a record is specifically exempt from this requirement, the record shall be released to the public. For convenience, we have a form available to assist in making requests Open Records Request Form 9500-096 help for assistance.

Email is the preferred and most efficient way to submit open records requests. You can find suggestions below on "Making efficient requests." The DNR also has many records available online. While email is the preferred method of making requests, requests can be made in any format. DNR releases records to authorized photocopy firms that will make copies of records for you, and bill you directly at their standard rate.

Applicable fees must be paid before the request can be fulfilled.

*If the hourly rate of salary and fringe benefits for lowest paid employee capable of locating records is less than per hour it must be billed at that employee’s hourly rate.

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Some requests will require a fee for locating records.

We will review your request and contact you if a fee will be required.

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  1. Open records request. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources DNR is committed to the principles of open government and accountability. All persons are.

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