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Academic Update is intended to allow you to change your previously planned/in-progress courses to completed and self-report your grades for this work. The system will NOT allow you to go back and edit previously verified terms or add in terms you forgot to report from past years (i.e.you never updated your fall 2012 work before you were verified).Once your application is Submitted and Paid for, your application is locked and most sections cannot be updated for the remainder of the application cycle.The only sections which can be updated are: If you have any updates which need to be made to other sections of your application, you must submit these updates directly to your OT programs.If I select a different search set, lets call it "SS-A", modify the Find Items window then update another search set, lets call this one "SS-B", SS-B becomes exactly the same as SS-A before any changes.Even if I modify the search properties then create a new search set, it reverts to the properties of the last selected search set.OTCAS also sends automatic notifications to your designated programs that your application has been updated.

Edit any Planned/In Progress terms that are now completed, by unchecking the Planned/In Progress box on the term.Click on this button to send any application updates to your OT Programs.As soon as you click on the “Update my Application” button, your information is updated on the admissions portal of your designated programs immediately.Updated transcripts need to be mailed from your school registrar directly to OTCAS.OTCAS will not accept any transcripts that appear to have been in the applicant’s hands.However, please note that when submitting an update, you must move the entire TERM from in-progress to complete.You cannot move only some of the courses within a term to completed and add the rest later.Then, edit each of your courses and add in the grades and credits.Please note you must have completed ALL of the courses in the term before switching the term’s status to complete.Then one by one update the existing search sets that tied into my Time Liner. Now the solution: The Autodesk Knowledge Network should be modified to the following: To update a search set That's it!A good hour and a half of fussing with it, and then searching the forums and Knowledge Network, then starting to write a forum post before I figured it out.


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