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Politics is to be abolished in favour of administration: the dream of every utopian from Plato to Marx and anarchists of every stripe.He did not think that Brexit would affect him much.But at least the reform is the work, or attempted work, of a French government.Imagine if the reform were imposed by fiat of a European government despite the opposition of the French government and members of the European parliament.that the Union should drive a hard bargain with Britain, even a bargain economically harmful to itself, provided only that it was worse for Britain.In the European Union, politics always trumps economics.political considerations were uppermost in the minds of those who voted for Brexit.every politician aims to stay in office as long as possible.Nevertheless, one would still hope that those who attained it had some idea what to do with it.

The fact that so many supporters of Britain remaining made this error suggests that education and the ability to think are not dismissive of the uneducated masses who voted for Brexit, seem not to have noticed the logical fallacy in the argument that if xenophobes voted for Brexit, then those who voted for Brexit were xenophobes.

This survey suggests either their depth of feeling or, more likely, says Dalrymple, their The fact that the youth unemployment rate in Belgium and France is 25%, in Portugal 30%, in Italy 39%, in Spain 45% and in Greece 49% did not seem to worry them.

They were not of the youth-unemployment xenophobes.

A devaluation might even be a good use of ‘we’ and ‘us.’ It was not forced, it came to him naturally.

It meant that he had some attachment to Britain other than as a cash cow. Moreover, his replies showed he had thought about it. Speaking of the European Union, he said that ‘we don’t want to be told what to do’ – quite understandably, I should have thought.


  1. Dalrymple suggests that many of the 52% who voted for Brexit in the UK European Union membership referendum might have done so. because they feared that the.

  2. Readers discuss the merits and otherwise of the tax cuts flagged by the government.

  3. Vol. 31 No. 1 · 1 January 2009. For a number of scholars, Mahmood Mamdani’s ‘Lessons of Zimbabwe’ requires a further response, given Mamdani’s stature as a.

  4. Exiled businessman, James Makamba has for the first time spoken out about the widespread rumours of an affair with the First Lady, Grace Mugabe

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