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Completely canadian dating site

They may be too common and of low value for me to list here, or of only gold or silver metal value so not worth listing to sell by mail.

If you see a coin with a very high price and you have the same coin, the price comparison can only be made if your example is of the same quality and variety.

No major or minor details are worn and the six pearls up the center line of the top of the crown are all not only separate and distinct but relatively sharp (as is the rest of the coin in general).

While it is not obvious on the image, there are traces of wear on the two pearls in front of the center diamond, and on the bottom two pearls up the center line at the top of the crown, which are the highest points on the coin.

On the other hand high quality rare coins can be very valuable, with the key to researching values on line understanding of both rarity and quality.

If you have coins I do not list do not assume they are rare.

Canadian George V (1912 to 1936) coins are the easiest to use for this purpose, although the 5 cent and dollar coins must be treated slightly differently.

The basic principle of the grade as a description of the amount of wear to the coin is all I am trying to show here.

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Each grade has two parts, a letter or letters and a number.The letter are two descriptions of same thing but within a grade there is a range and the numeric part qualifies it as being average or nicer than average within the grade, with the higher the number the higher the grade.For example a VG is a well worn coin, with a VG-8 being a very average VG while a VG-10 will be slightly nicer VG.Learning to grade accurately for many different types of coins requires years of experience.Note the band of the crown just above his ear, delineated by distinct upper and lower lines between which are three complete jewels including a center diamond shape and two squares, plus two more partial jewels at the ends.On George V coins the grade is determined mostly by how many of these jewels, pearls and band lines are visible on the coin.MS-60 (Mint State-60) are coins with no wear even under 10 power magnification, with all of the jewels and pearls are not only clear, but very sharp.An example would be a 1943 half dollar where in MS-64 it would list 0, in MS-60 at .00, in XF-40 at .00 and below XF-40 I would sell it off for its silver value.If you have a 1943 half dollar you cannot assess its value without understanding what MS-64, MS-60, XF-40 and other grading terms mean.This does not mean a perfect coin because during the minting process coins are subject to several handling procedures which can result in light marks due to contact with other coins, so there are 11 different grades of Mint state from MS-60 to MS-70.Grading at that level is very technical and I cannot address it here.


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