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Dating slowly Free local sex and dating

The slow movement then expanded to travel and design, advocating a cultural shift toward slowing life’s pace.

And in this era of sexts, texts and online speed dating, where relationships have become disposable, I advocate a brand of slow love.

The hallmark of slow love is a delay in the onset of the sexual relationship.

Research supports the sooner to bed, the sooner to break up.

Especially important is the need to cure addictions to digital pornography that are making men less attracted to real-life sex and are making women adopt a male model of sexuality that may run contrary to their biology.

Practitioners acknowledge that heterosexual men and women have differing biological potentials and their sexual behavior is designed to compliment each other rather than mimic each other.

Designed to nurture the human in all of us, who is capable of healthy bonding, slow love gives people the time and space for partners to explore deeper connections.

And yet, I’ve also learned that, in dating, slow and steady wins the race.We can’t expect the environment to provide emotional nutrition if we don’t know what we are looking for.As part of the exercise in self awareness, practitioners of slow love will learn kind, compassionate ways to say no to premature sex and erect their own safe emotional boundaries.If a friend asks you (after you’ve done the deed) what your date’s hobbies are or what he or she does for a living, you’ll probably want to know the answers.The early parts of a relationship are often the most exciting, so relish in them and try not to hit the fast forward button too soon.At this time of fast-paced life with technology moving faster than the human body and mind, slow movements are emerging all over the world.First came the Slow Food Movement, which strives to stop mass high-tech agriculture and return to locally grown foods, family dinners and healthful tables.The same philosophy goes for when to be intimate for the first time… It’s certainly tempting early on, but once you go down that path with someone, getting to know each other often takes a backseat to, well, the things you can do in the backseat.It takes time to get to know someone before you can properly determine if you even want to open yourself up to that kind of intimacy.Couples who have sex within 30 days of meeting have nearly a 90 percent chance the relationship will be disposed of within one year.When couples give each other the space to really get to know each other before the sudden onset of delusional sex hormones, an emotional bond can be created.


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