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This paper reports a small number of interviews with young people in Athens about their use of Internet chatrooms as a means of meeting people.In the last few years there has been a growing public concern about the dangers of socialising with strangers in chatrooms, but what do the users themselves think about the risks involved, and what strategies have they adopted to manage these risks?For many of us the Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life.It frequently provides our first point of access to information.In this paper we describe a particular set of Internet–based interactions that have great appeal to young people but create most anxiety among parents and other adults. In the main they were concerned about security rather than pornography, which they saw as amusing rather than harmful.

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Involvement in it can become the most ‘real’ world in which you act, as Sherry Turtle puts it, quoting one of her informants, ‘RL’ (‘Real Life’). Currently the sites where these experiments with the presentation of self are most common are in text–based chatrooms, but chatrooms are themselves changing, being linked to ‘reality TV’, becoming hybridised with SMS (text messaging) and extending into other forms.

Chatrooms, in particular, combine the closeness and directness of the personal letter with the interactivity of the phone conversation, so sidestepping the contemporary obsession with personal appearance and liberating us from the constraints that this imposes.

Such conversations in the dark allow us to be reaffirmed in the images we have of ourselves rather than being constrained by our consciousness of all the shortcomings that others might see in us.

It is not unknown for girls and boys, and even researchers to take on new selves.

Sherry Turkle tells of her shock and surprise at entering a chatroom anonymously and encountering another Professor Turkle who was there doing research.


  1. Online Friendship, Chat-Room Romance and Cybersex Your Guide to Affairs of the Net 9781558744189 SHEREE MOTTA' 'MICHAEL ADAMSE Books.

  2. According to GVU, nearly 38% of women on the Internet are married GVU's WWW User Surveys, Online. Now also. Furthermore, cyberpsychologist John Suler experimented and spent much time in chatrooms at a site called the Palace and learned that cybersex is a hot topic in the media precisely because it is sex.

  3. Apr 13, 2004. of cybersex. Definitions vary widely from researcher to researcher and among the general public as well. The same is valid for online infidelity, which can be considered as any type of computer-mediated sexual activity e.g. Internet pornography, chat rooms, and so forth in which a married person engages.

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  6. This paper reports a small number of interviews with young people in Athens about their use of Internet chatrooms as a means of meeting people. In the last. She had the feeling that perhaps he already had a relationship or was married, but after three months, they had talked so much that she felt she was in love with him.

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