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Members search profiles feeco 2016 dating

We consider that it is useful for users to know about the Blu-ray and DVD discs that contain Cinavia protection and about the players that have detectors for it.

It is a way of creating backups so they don’t trigger Cinavia.

A player such as VLC will see there is a DTS track inside and decode it correctly; others may not know that and will produce a hissing noise (static).

So appart from embedding DTS sound in a PCM track, one absolutely needs an external AV-receiver to decode it. Apparently there is another trick to be tried on a PS3 (only) and it needs you to select optical cable as output in Sound settings and checking all the sound formats (weird and dangerous!

see the warning PS3 will display there), then also select the multiple output option. Cons: UPDATE: The following text has been edited to include the information about latest PS3 firmware.

The following applies to fw1.60 up to fw4.00 only, so if you want to benefit from this solution do not update your console!


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