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Benefits dating shorter man

“The woman I’m dating right now came and gave me a kiss at a party.

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“If a woman is taller than you, she knows that she’s taller than you, then she’ll see your approaching her as a sign that you’re very confident with who you are.’ That puts you in a very good light, in front of her and in front of others,” says Eric.

For shorter guys, this can present obvious problems — and while it’s tempting to fudge the facts a few inches in your profile, the game will be over once you meet face to face.

“If you walk into a date and you’ve said you’re two inches taller than you are, then you might as well be wearing a big sign that says ‘liar,’” points out Eric.

So be honest, but also be willing to take a proactive role in scanning for and emailing women online since you may not make their minimum height requirement when they do the searching.

Coping strategy: Realize that most women will bend their rules for the right guy While the situation may look bleak, shorter online daters shouldn’t despair and here’s why: What women list they want in a mate can be light years from what they’re perfectly happy to accept in the right guy.


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