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Laughing is not just something we do at a joke but it is an established way of social interaction and resolving undefined tensions between people.• Finding common interests is very important.Let the seven year itch not get you or your relationship down. There are only so much of sweet nothings which you can whisper in the course of a relationship.You will find that if you really listen to someone, you can gauge a lot about the person through the nuances of his voice than what he is actually saying.• Being emotionally available to our partners is something that should come naturally to us but often doesn’t.The reason is similar to the point discussed above.It draws people closer and helps propagate the feeling of communion which is very much lacking in today’s world.• Paying attention to what the other person is saying seems like such a simple tip, but this is something which we all fail to do at times.We are so caught up in our daily schedules, in our work and ourselves that we hardly have time to really sit down and listen to others.

Striking a balance in this case is absolutely crucial.• Laughing together is another important activity because it helps us unwind and is also the perfect way to make a fight dissolve.At the end of the day, will these things count or will issues like trust, dependence, love be counted?So accept the fact that your partner is an individual entity with individual likes and dislikes that may not be in accordance with your own.Our brain can handle only one task at a time and therefore, it suspends work on one thing while completing the other.Something similar happens to us when we think that we can drive and have a conversation at the same time.• Maintaining eye contact is an interesting way to deepen a conversation without words being spoken, as it increases intimacy.This is quite natural and nothing to feel guilty about.The investment we make in the relationship is visible when we take the effort to cuddle, draw the other person closer and engage in other acts of physical tenderness.Needless to say, lack of trust and insecurities do not make for a successful or healthy relationship.Being emotionally available to your partner is the perfect way of sharing a life together.• Acceptance is the key to understanding.We give them a cursory hearing and feel better that our job is done.This only helps separate people and creates misunderstandings and tension.


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